A central focus of the international education work of Jacaranda in Mexico is the creation and publishing of innovative, dynamic bilingual and English courses of study, curriculum, and textbooks. Currently, Jacaranda courses are part of main stream curriculum in high schools and businesses throughout the country. For more information on the courses we have available and making them available to your students or employees please send us an email at

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English Language Studies

Low Intermediate to Advance: Jacaranda offers a series of English Language Studies textbooks from levels low intermediate to advance. Each book follows a multi-disciplinary approach to language learning. What makes our books and courses distinct is that they are presented through a range of themes steeped in current affairs, which have a direct connection to the local context in which the course is taking place. We believe, for example, that a student being taught English through an introduction to the sounds and sights of New York graffiti will find it hard to create meaning from that context unless it is directly linked into his or her local context. All of our English language studies textbooks therefore, seek to hyper link contexts, so to speak, allowing the student to more easily create meaning and understanding and relevancy from the material to his or her daily life. As a result, our books are constantly being updated and new themes added. We currently offer a series of three different thematically based books for each level.
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Talking to the World: An Introduction to the United Nations

An Introduction to the United Nations is a bilingual course and textbook, which attempts to present to the student, in a straight-forward and simplified fashion, the political and working structure of the United Nations. The course focuses on five chapters: Peace and Security, Environment and Development, Human Rights, Humanitarian Affairs, and International Law. This course is born of a belief that the ever increasing majority of the problems we face as individuals and communities are global in nature and scope. The UN represents the world’s response to global governance. Nonetheless, it remains fraught with problems and the majority of youth know little about how it works. If the UN is to fulfill its promise and function as the beacon of future world affairs then our youth will need to become far more informed in order to help their governments make good choices and decisions for world peace and prosperity within the UN structure.
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Education is the New Rock and Roll: A Youth Media Course for Mexican Students

Education is the New Rock and Roll is a bilingual youth media course, which introduces youth to youth media education through the tools of Adobe Photoshop and Premiere. In this course students learn to critically view their surrounding community to identify and form projects, which aim to highlight or instigate a change. Students then proceed to use the Adobe programs to create short videos, documentaries, photo essays or art projects, which express and connect with an audience in their immediate community and context. The course is available in three levels: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced.
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Mornings in Mexico

Mornings in Mexico is a cross-disciplinary course which follows an increasing trend in higher education studies which have departed from the traditional departmentalized structure of learning for cross-discplinary studies more in line with the demands of the new global world. This course combines studies in European Literature, World History, Colonial Studies, Cultural Studies, Media Studies, and Politics, through an exploration of the lives and works of five key individuals in DH Lawrence, Aldous Huxley, Edward Weston, Graham Greene, and Zach Condon who each came to live, work and understand life in the southern Mexican State of Oaxaca.

Through the artistic works of these iconic individuals the student will step into events such as The First World War, the economic collapse of the 1920´s, the Mexican revolution, the decline of the colonial empire, as well as the separation of Church and State. More importantly, the student will explore the parallel Mexican cultures that exist within the mindset and cultural and artistic perception of the European and North American visitor.

The Mexican student understands his/ her culture and the world he inhabits in his daily life. What is more difficult for him to comprehend is the world seen by the European/ North American visitor to Mexico and the world that he takes home with him.

As the world and its markets become ever more homogenic and interconnected, finding harmony and understanding between peoples is more important than ever. A key part of building such understanding is learning to widen our visión and knowledge in order to decipher not only what we see, through our own eyes, but what others see in us through their own eyes. To see through the eyes of the “other” allows us to see both what connects us and disconnects us as people.
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CBE: Customized Business English

CBE is not one course but an open series of customized courses of study for businesses and their employees. Each course is especially prepared and designed based upon extensive first-hand research conducted inside the client´s business. Jacaranda then applies its experitise and experience in textbook design to produce a series of course materials which match the specific daily needs of the company. As a result, the employee is able to learn the new skills quicker - as he or she is utilizing the new language on a daily basis, the company is drastically able to improve the quality and service of its employees towards the customer and or client - because the materials are geared specifically towards the local context, and the company can maintain at all times a flexibility and relation with the course and the course material that will allow it to ensure that it is constantly changing and available to meet the specific scheduling and development needs of the employee.
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Jacaranda offers an intensive preparation course for the TOEFL ibt exam. TOEFL ibt was introduced around the world in 2006 and has become the most recognized English proficiency exam in the world. Unlike the old paper exam the ibt exam incorporates all disciplines and offers the opportunity to receive results in a 15 day period. Jacaranda strongly advocates that students, who are interested in taking the TOEFL ibt course take the preparation course as it is an exam, which focuses on a very particular skill set. Course are available to individuals or groups of 5 and under. Schedules are flexible. Course are available both in Mexico City and Oaxaca.

Arts with Attitude

Arts with Attitude is the second text in a three-part series focussed on developing students’ creative and critical thinking skills through a range of community-based arts projects, with the option for international collaboration. This text is centred on the themes of diversity, environmentalism and humanitarian issues, and discusses them through the mediums of drawing and painting, graphic design and photography. In addition to this, sub-projects involving drama, animation and film-making are included. The text makes innovative use of technology, allows students to develop skills in a wide-range of fields, and offers the flexibility for each student and teacher to work and be creative with the material in their own unique way.
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