Jacaranda Education is a Sociedad Civil (S.C.) founded in 2005 by graduates of the International Education and Transcultural Studies Department at Teachers College, Columbia University. Its mission is to provide a wide range of international education services to Mexico`s public, private, and non-governmental education sectors focusing on curriculum design, textbook publishing, professional development and teacher placement and international education exchange. More recently, the organization has begun to research, translate, and re-publish news and research pertaining to Education in Mexico as a means to building greater awareness within the international community to those key issues facing the education system in this country and providing an important research tool for investigators and donors.

Jacaranda Education supports a student-centered, constructivist, communicative language teaching approach which views local environment and socio-cultural context as an active and essential tool in the educational process and a necessary ingredient for active participation in today's globalized world. Jacaranda Education advocates that the best approach to preparing students for global change is through exposure to quality, passionate instruction and an educational approach which highlights the trans-configurative nature of culture and the relationship between the local and the global environment through a multi-disciplinary educational approach.