Jacaranda Education specializes in offering four key services to schools, institutions, and companies from around the Mexican Republic.

1. Curriculum and Course Development: Jacaranda Education writes and designs all of its own textbooks and courses. The organization prides itself on producing innovative, cutting edge courses and texbooks which connect Mexican youth, adults, and professionals to the complexities, diversities, and challenges of the global arena. Moreover, the organization is committed to maintaining an economical cost to its publications making them available to a wide segment of the education sector. Lastly, many of the publications on offer are 100% bilingual.

  • Jacaranda can provide low-cost bilingual and English textbooks and courses to your school, institution or company.
  • Jacaranda can design and produce courses and materials especially to the needs and interests of your students or employees.

2. Teacher Placement and Recruitment: Jacaranda prides itself on working with teaching professionals from Europe and North America. Recent economic trends in North America and Europe have forced a number of young men and women into the teaching and education sector. Unfortunately, while some apply themselves naturally to the demands of our profession, others lack the skills and experiences and desires to commit themselves to the rigors of formal education. For these reasons, Jacaranda takes great care in selecting and training its teaching professionals from Europe and North America to ensure that the highest qualities of teaching standards are met and delivered in the classroom. Jacaranda maintains an extensive database of teaching professionals from Europe and North America with English as their first language.

  • Jacaranda can select, recruit, and support teaching professionals from North America and Europe for your school, institution or company.

3. Teacher Training and Educational Consulting: Jacaranda believes strongly in the importance of providing a challenging and dynamic range of support resources for working teachers. It also believes that each working context is unique. To this end, the organization provides on-going physical support to its teaching professionals through classroom observations, seminars and workshops, along with a virtual support network through teacher chat-room spaces and resource pages.

  • Jacaranda can provide in-house and virtual support and training for teaching professionals in your school, institution or company.

4. International Exchange: A big part of what we believe makes a school or institution successful is its ability to connect its teachers and students to the global world that is rapidly moving and evolving around them. Jacaranda manages the International Education and Resource Network in Mexico which provides an enormous array of on-line, collaborative and student-centered international courses for teachers and students from around the world. The organization is also part of a growing network of schools that encourage their teachers and students to participate in physical exchanges with schools from North America and Europe.

  • Jacaranda can integrate iEARN international courses and curriculum into your school, institution, or company
  • Jacaranda can manage physical exchanges between your school or institution with hundreds of schools from across Europe and North America.

To schedule a no-cost visit or consultation to your school, institution, or company by one of our representatives to discuss these services in more detail please send an email request to or call 951 205 1344